La Bête humaine #2021

La Bête humaine By Émile Zola Henri Mitterand La B te humaine L essentiel de La B te humaine c est l instinct de mort dans le personnage principal la f lure c r brale de Jacques Lantier m canicien de locomotive Jeune homme il pressent si bien la mani re dont

  • Title: La Bête humaine
  • Author: Émile Zola Henri Mitterand
  • ISBN: 9782070418015
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • La Bête humaine By Émile Zola Henri Mitterand L essentiel de La B te humaine, c est l instinct de mort dans le personnage principal, la f lure c r brale de Jacques Lantier, m canicien de locomotive Jeune homme, il pressent si bien la mani re dont l instinct de mort se d guise sous tous les app tits, l Id e de mort sous toutes les id es fixes, la grande h r dit sous la petite, qu il se tient l cart d abord des L essentiel de La B te humaine, c est l instinct de mort dans le personnage principal, la f lure c r brale de Jacques Lantier, m canicien de locomotive Jeune homme, il pressent si bien la mani re dont l instinct de mort se d guise sous tous les app tits, l Id e de mort sous toutes les id es fixes, la grande h r dit sous la petite, qu il se tient l cart d abord des femmes, mais aussi du vin, de l argent, des ambitions qu il pourrait avoir l gitimement Il a renonc aux instincts son seul objet, c est la machine Ce qu il sait, c est que la f lure introduit la mort dans tous les instincts, poursuit son travail en eux, par eux et que, l origine ou au bout de tout instinct, il s agit de tuer, et peut tre aussi d tre tu Gilles Deleuze.
    La Bête humaine By Émile Zola Henri Mitterand

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      376 Émile Zola Henri Mitterand
    La Bête humaine

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    1. Émile Zola Henri Mitterand

      mile Fran ois Zola was an influential French novelist, the most important example of the literary school of naturalism, and a major figure in the political liberalization of France.More than half of Zola s novels were part of a set of 20 books collectively known as Les Rougon Macquart Unlike Balzac who in the midst of his literary career resynthesized his work into La Com die Humaine, Zola from the start at the age of 28 had thought of the complete layout of the series Set in France s Second Empire, the series traces the environmental influences of violence, alcohol and prostitution which became prevalent during the second wave of the Industrial Revolution The series examines two branches of a family the respectable that is, legitimate Rougons and the disreputable illegitimate Macquarts for five generations.As he described his plans for the series, I want to portray, at the outset of a century of liberty and truth, a family that cannot restrain itself in its rush to possess all the good things that progress is making available and is derailed by its own momentum, the fatal convulsions that accompany the birth of a new world Although Zola and C zanne were friends from childhood, they broke in later life over Zola s fictionalized depiction of C zanne and the Bohemian life of painters in his novel L uvre The Masterpiece, 1886.From 1877 with the publication of l Assommoir, mile Zola became wealthy, he was better paid than Victor Hugo, for example He became a figurehead among the literary bourgeoisie and organized cultural dinners with Guy de Maupassant, Joris Karl Huysmans and other writers at his luxurious villa in Medan near Paris after 1880 Germinal in 1885, then the three cities , Lourdes in 1894, Rome in 1896 and Paris in 1897, established Zola as a successful author.The self proclaimed leader of French naturalism, Zola s works inspired operas such as those of Gustave Charpentier, notably Louise in the 1890s His works, inspired by the concepts of heredity Claude Bernard , social manichaeism and idealistic socialism, resonate with those of Nadar, Manet and subsequently Flaubert.

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    1. After well over a century, Emile Zola still retains the power to absorb readers with his Les Rougon Macquart series of novels This, regarded as one of his finest achievements is a tale full of rage that studies the dark haunting impressionistic nature of man s slow corruption by jealousy Set against the backdrop of the industrial revolution, the story is set in the world of the railways A lot of the main action takes place either on trains, or close by to the tracks, there is murder, passion and [...]

    2. Fail After spending 3 hours trying to decipher if the story was meant to be that misogynic or if it was only the sad expression of the 19th Century, I decided that I did not care whatsoever My diminished reading time is way too precious to be spent hating every male character in there while being annoyed by the way women are portrayed DNF as soon as I felt like I was supposed to feel sorry for that abusive jerk Not happening Zola relies way too much on telling rather than showing to pull this of [...]

    3. Could you kill someone Shush now That s a rhetorical question Think the answer to yourself in your head We don t want to hand over compromising evidence to the prosecution in your inevitable criminal trial Now I m not asking you if you could kill in self defense or to protect your loved ones from harm because those cases are ethically cut and dried and very boring I m asking if you think you are capable of ending someone s life for pettier reasons jealousy, revenge, or just good old fashioned un [...]

    4. I am convinced that if mile Zola had been alive and at work in the second half of the 20th Century, he would be known today as one of the greatest modern screenwriters France ever produced Zola s novel La B te Humaine, along with being a piercing analysis of violent proclivities and their influence on male female sexual dynamics, has a rocket speed plot leaving you tight shouldered, gasping, and bug eyed from its very first chapter Despite a lull near the middle of the book which is necessary fo [...]

    5. Nice to be back in the Zolan bosom multiple histrionic murderers, meticulous locomotive nous, and a splash of hopeless determinism The seventeenth novel in the Rougon Macquart series features some of Zola s most breathtaking descriptions of bleak rural backwaters, trains in their brutal firebreathing phallic infancy, hopeless provincials devising schemes to escape their predetermined lives of hate and misery, implausible gruesome murders committed by almost every character, and humorous courtroo [...]

    6. mile Zola fazia parte da minha lista de leituras h muitos anos, mas s em 2014 li o primeiro deles Nan A partir da todos os que li me pareceram melhores, todos se tornaram inesquec veis, e A Besta Humana , sem d vida, o melhor de todos eles.E no entanto, uma hist ria tenebrosa t o crua, t o brutal, t o avassaladora um livro que nunca mais se esquece, que choca por revelar o Ser humano nas suas piores vertentes.Aqui n o h inocentes, todos s o culpados da inveja, da gan ncia, do ci me, da trai o, t [...]

    7. De um cl ssico toda a releitura uma leitura de descoberta igual primeira Italo CalvinoLi A Besta Humana quando tinha vinte e poucos anos e apaixonei me por Em lio Zola Na altura, li tudo o que encontrei dele anos depois comprei mais alguns livros mas, n o sei porqu , n o os li Sempre que apanhava algum potencial leitor a jeito impingia lhe A Besta Humana, que foi t o lido que o meu primeiro exemplar est que parece um baralho de cartas entretanto j comprei mais dois Agora, voltei a l lo confesso [...]

    8. Okay folks, my first 5 star rating in 2009 I m stingy with 5 stars, but Emile Zola delivered, again, after about 25 other books this year When I enjoy classic writers like Thoreau, Dickens, Hawthorne or playwrights like Shakespeare or Whitman, I sometimes overlook nuances or miss the unexpected metaphor or misinterpret the character flaw that destroys the protagonist Not so with Zola No way His themes and messages come at you like an over steamed locomotive Zola s characters wield their Shakespe [...]

    9. My first Emile Zola and I am impressed.Emile Zola 1840 1902 was a French novelist who attempted to do an Honore de Balzac 1799 1850 , another French novelist The young Zola read Balzac s La Comedie Humaine The Human Comedy that consists of 91 finished and 46 unfinished works stories, novels, essays and for some of the unfinished ones, just titles Definitely inspired to have his own, Zola wrote interrelated 20 novels and collectively called them Les Rougon Macquart The series follows a fictional [...]

    10. i avoided naturalism for a long time, i always thought it was going to be really dry and boring stuff, social criticism and whatnot, stories about people reduced to poverty by unfair labor practices who then get caught stealing shoes or something and get executed in the town square but these zola books are the exact opposite, all the conflict is coming from inside the characters, everyone s bursting with hatred and jealousy and nebulous urges to kill and maim and destroy everyone in this book is [...]

    11. Who knew, but Zola was a card carrying trainspotter This, btw, is a sport alive and well in the UK I think Zola may have started it though, but shhh.In any event, its quite clear to me the main character here is La Lison, the train engine on the Rouen to Paris track Having lovingly endowed it with life, just like Jessica Rabbit, and perhaps in a fit of temporary insanity, Zola kills it off at the halfway mark Theneesh whats one to do Can t rewrite at this late stage, bills are pressing these guy [...]

    12. The best so far in the Rougon Macquart cycle for me Mostly because this time around I didn t feel he constructed and manipulated the psychology of his characters to serve the plot so forcefully, which sometimes makes his character studies lack depth or consistency in other books Yes, he s not the most subtle of authors by far, but I am getting used to that well, I ve had the previous 16 books of the cycle to practice on Zola hardly ever opts for less then the portrait of a society in crisis and [...]

    13. I first read this book than twenty years ago It made an impression on me then, and still makes an impression on me in exactly the same way La Bete Humaine is a strange work in that most of the main characters commit murder, are murder victims, or at the very least contemplate committing murder All the characters are connected in some way with the railroad that connects Le Havre with Rouen and Paris There is a certain bestial passion that drives their characters to contemplate and commit crimes, [...]

    14. Hayvanla an nsan, psikolojik roman n ve hatta, kimi y nleriyle psikolojik gerilimin nc lerinden biri say labilir Zola, bu olgunluk d nemi ba yap t nda, sadece toplumsal ger ekli i ve ac mas z modern hayat t m y nleriyle ku atmakla kalm yor, derinlerdeki psikolojik ger ekli e de dokunuyor Roman boyunca, trenlerin mekanik m kemmelli iyle yar halinde, insan zaaflar n n, karanl k i g d lerin ge it t reni yapt n g r yoruz Sevme tutkusuyla yok etme tutkusunun i i e ge ti i, her bir karakterin karanl k [...]

    15. De um cl ssico toda a releitura uma leitura de descoberta igual primeira Italo CalvinoLi A Besta Humana quando tinha vinte e poucos anos e apaixonei me por Em lio Zola Na altura, li tudo o que encontrei dele anos depois comprei mais alguns livros mas, n o sei porqu , n o os li Sempre que apanhava algum potencial leitor a jeito impingia lhe A Besta Humana, que foi t o lido que o meu primeiro exemplar est que parece um baralho de cartas entretanto j comprei mais dois Agora, voltei a l lo confesso [...]

    16. Although it was written in 1890, this book has the elements of a classic film noir love, sex, and murder Others must have thought so, too, since it s been made into films five times The story is set in and around railways, with trains being an important element of the plot This translation of the novel was written by Roger Whitehouse, published in 2007 I recommend reading a modern translation, since the sex scenes while not very explicit are essential to the plot, and might not be as plainly wri [...]

    17. Violence and the beast within Zola exercises his very considerable talents on sex and murder Is it any wonder that a majority of violence against women is committed by a romantic partner of some sort He hits the mark on a topic only too crucial and tragic and one that must be fought back against and understood.

    18. The novel is dark and brutal with plenty of fights, sex and murders than in any modern book The story begins with a brutal scene between a married couple Then, it just escalates into a crescendo of violence The beast within is such a contrast to the prudent writing of Victorian England.Zola is examining the cause of violence Jeaolusy, hatred and egoism are common factors, as well as the unusually emphasized concept of atavism Not one person is good Every single one is very flawed and selfish, [...]

    19. Zola se u svom serijalu Rugon Makarovi bavi pitanjem uticaja genetike i nasle a na karakter pojedinca i ne mogu da zamislim bolji roman od ovoga koji predstavlja naturalizam u knji evnosti U prevodu, Zola ovim potvr uje da u sva i isti si otac i takva je bila i tvoja baba tetka zaista mogu imati smisla ak je naizgled mirni ma inovo a koji u svakom dodiru sa enom, pogotovo u naletu strasti ili bliskosti, ose a duboku telesnu potrebu da ubije Opisi njegove poreme enosti su realni toliko da po elit [...]

    20. cout en livre audio, merveilleusement lu par ric Herson Macarel.Un roman intense, rempli de noirceur, qui interroge l h r dit et la nature humaine La plume riche et pr cise de Zola est toujours un plaisir.J ai toutefois trouv l intrigue assez longuette, surtout que je ne me suis absolument pas attach e aux personnages aucun d entre eux, m me pas un petit peu, c est fort quand m me Je n ai pas non plus t tr s sensible aux th mes abord s je crois que la p riode du d veloppement industriel n est cl [...]

    21. Seria que isso provinha de muito longe, do mal que as mulheres tinham feito sua ra a, do rancor acumulado de macho em macho, desde a primeira trai o no fundo das cavernas E sentia tamb m, na sua loucura, uma necessidade de batalha para conquistar a f mea e dom la, a necessidade perversa de a p r morta s costas, como uma presa que se arranca aos outros para sempre O cr nio rebentava lhe com o esfor o, n o conseguia encontrar uma resposta, demasiado ignorante, pensava ele, o c rebro demasiado pesa [...]

    22. This is a departure for Zola at least for the 16 of 20 novels in the series I have read so far Set at the end of the Second Empire, when French society seemed to be hurtling into the future like the new railways and locomotives it was building, The Beast Within is at once a tale of murder, passion, and possession and a compassionate study of individuals derailed by the burden of inherited evil This sentence from the GR description will help you understand what you might expect what it doesn t te [...]

    23. A huge disappointment, given my high hopes that it would live up to its reputation as a sort of French Crime and Punishment Zola s work is aways praised for its penetrating psychological realism, but his fiction has always struck me as being pretty thin in this regard, with the symbolism and rhetorically motivated characterization so transparent that its pointillist social detail begins to look like the mere fetishism of surfaces than penetrating naturalism I m not sure how else to put it, but [...]

    24. O abomin vel ser humano.a humana Que importavam as v timas que a m quina esmagava no caminho N o ia ela tamb m para o futuro, indiferente ao sangue derramado Sem condutor no meio das trevas, fera cega e surda, ind mita, rodava, atulhada dessa carne para canh o, desses soldados j estupidificados de fadiga e embriagados, que cantavam mile Zola, A Besta Humana

    25. Nu este primul meu Zola Am mai citit i Germinal acum mul i ani i mi amintesc c descrierea suferin elor i mizeriei minerilor m a deprimat.Ei bine, La B te humaine este mult mai interesant, cu sex i violen , perversiuni i crime Am g sit n carte analize psihologice at t de fine cum numai la scriitorii ru i g sesc.Bine n eles, concep ia naturalist a autorului este prezent i n acest roman, violen a este transmis ereditar din vremuri imemoriabile, mediul social are influen decisiv asupra personalit ii [...]

    26. So, I started this because I found it in a book bin, and because I d read Zola s name quite a few times I picked up speed with it because a friend on here was also reading it These things gave me impetus to read it, which is good when approaching classical literature, as most of it is, for lack of a better phrase, a goddamn bore.Now then, the reason I m not giving this five stars is because there are a lot of times when it is a bore, and the lulls in the action are also lulls not to be confused [...]

    27. This just suffered from my 7months of not reading slump otherwise it wasn t that bad but it wasn t enjoyable either The pace really picked up towards the end so it was alright I didn t struggle with reading it But I s2g if I read one line about trains I ll stab my eyeballs out.

    28. Like most kids of my generation, I read a lot of Zola s famous novels all classics in France I loved them all, but I remember especially this one, maybe because of the wonderful Renoir s movie adaptation When social realism meets human passions, you get Zola, a writer of immense talent and inspiration, who, from novel to novel, had an amazing gift to construct intricate stories, all linked to each other yet all unique, refracting French society in all its complexities, and dealing with raw emoti [...]

    29. I ve been giving away a lot of 5 stars lately usually I m pretty stingy with my fives but this book is phenomenal I don t know why there isn t an English edition listed here on because I would have thought everyone would have been reading this book Well they should It s about a natural born killer trying to suppress his urges It takes us deep into the human psyche and explores what makes good people evil.If you re like me, and can t read French, its title is The Beast in Man

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