Good morning from Rust Valley.


That we might be in all things industrious, conscientious, modest and true—that is the best we could hope for from ourselves.

Grain - Relationships Relationships Our first goal is to establish relationships with people who are inspired and passionate about what they do. These relationships may turn into partnerships or friendships, but, either way, they are the chief means by which we fuel our own determination. At the end of the day, it is neither the project, the product, nor the profit that remains with us, but the privilege of serving people whom we can respect.

Factory - Process Design Process We place emphasis on clear, well-scrutinized concepts that are brought into fruition through prototyping, and careful form making. No preliminary question goes unasked, and no final component goes undefended. We find great satisfaction in being both youthful and mature, the diversity of our team gives us access to both established thought and contemporary tastes. This is critical to the work that we produce, as we strive to make our solutions simultaneously progressive in application, yet profound in conception.

Train - Collaboration Collaboration The model of our working process is wholly reliant on our ability to collaborate. We start and end each project, great or small, as a team. Each hand at Rust Valley lifts a portion of weight. This makes the task swift, the work light, and the results consistently strong. As individuals, we take pride in our hard earned training, and we never cease in polishing our varied skills. Our goal as a company is to be nimble, adaptable, and sustainable.

We are a group of young, highly trained design professionals who are empowered by our ability to move swiftly and collaborate dynamically.

We look forward to working together.


We do work that we find stimulating, challenging, and enjoyable. Our team can help solve problems that are specific and short-term, or comprehensive and larger in scale.

Strategy & Research

Interactive & UX

Design Services

We can perform on a highly conceptual level, by developing strategies for brand experience and development; social media presence; design-oriented research methods; and even organizational structuring.

  •  Design-Oriented Research
  •  Brand Experience
  •  Strategy Consulting
  •  Social Media Presence
  •  Organizational Structuring

Aim above morality. Be not simply good, be good for something.

–Henry David Thoreau


Simple, Honest Work

Rust Valley is not a place, it’s a collaboration, an endeavor, and a set of ideals. Born as a hand crafted printing shop in 2010, RVDC has matured into a full service design studio as new team members have been included, and as projects have grown in scale. The same sense of personal pride and responsibility that went into our screen printing and letterpress work is still present in our approach to communications design. Our goal is to make each project a well balanced, holistic success by those means. Based in Kent, Ohio, we have team members located across the east coast. Bringing together people in different places to work together is exciting and challenging, and we fully embrace the esprit de corps that our studio model generates.

There is little in this world more contributory to the life well lived than simple, honest work. That truest comfort and pleasure, purpose, has quietly, dutifully given platform from which the spirits of countless generations before us have risen. We feel such a strong connection to the people who built the structures that hold up the world around us. When we cross a truss bridge, or drive past an aged mill, we see not only the stoicism of the ruddy flakes, but also the grandeur of workmanship that withstands the ravishes of time. The hands of real people turned those wrenches, and hammered those rivets, and painted those signs. Though the people are long gone, their dedication to contributing to a better future still remains as a monument to what that future has become. We measure ourselves by the endurance of those bridges and factories, and by the wills of the people who made them.

What would those monuments mean to us without their pits and peeling scales? What makes the rust? Those same forces, inching forward tender shoots, and lifting the delicate wings of song birds, can, in enough time, undo man’s concerted effort—they are worthy of our highest respect. When we walk through a national forest, or look out from the shores of the lake, we are bathed in perfect inspiration. All our senses blend into one, and the eyes and ears and mind and heart are ravished by the awe of what they behold. That nature has the power to tear down what we build up is not evidence of our conflict with it, but of our being part of it. Just as the nations of things that fly and run build their many homes which inevitably render down to so many stones and sticks, so we too are allowed our place but for just a little while.

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